Manufacturing Integration

MODULES: IE4711 / MF4711

Course Outline and Details


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Module Title: Manufacturing Integration
Module Code: IE4711 & MF4711
Lecturer: Ann Ledwith, Dept of Manufacturing and Operations Eng.
Tutor: Stephen Burke
Objectives: This module introduces the concept of Computer Information Systems in a manufacturing environment. It aims to teach students to integrate Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and other applications for Manufacturing Data, manipulating and computation.
Week 7 Word Test 15%
Week 9 Excel Test 15%
Week 11 PowerPoint Test 15%
Week 12 Final Test 35%
Week 15 Report 20%
Class Rules: NO MOBILES - students will be asked to leave the lecture if their mobile rings. You must attend and sign-in at labs, failure to do so will result in lost marks, 3% per lab missed.
Tests will not be repeated; failure to attend will result in lost marks.
Doctor's certificates must be handed in person to the lecturer as soon as possible.
Texts: The following student guides will be available in the print room:
  • Word 2000 for Windows
  • Excel 2000 for Windows
  • PowerPoint 2000 for Windows

Web Site:
Disks Buy a Zip Disk (Can be got during lab in Week 3 at 14 each)

Course Schedule:
   Lecture Course Guide Tutorial Tests & Assignments
Week 1 Module Overview & Introduction   NO LABS  
Week 2 Starting on the PC A Guide to Word 2000,
Chapter 1
Week 3 Starting with Word A Guide to Word 2000,
Chapters 2 - 4
Starting on the PC   
Week 4 More Advanced Word A Guide to Word 2000,
Chapters 5 & 6
Week 5 Report Writing   Word   
Week 6 Starting Excel A Guide to Excel 2000,
Chapters 1-4
Week 7 More Advanced Excel A Guide to Excel 2000,
Chapters 5 - 8 
Excel Word Test
Week 8 Powerpoint A Guide to PowerPoint 2000, Chapters 1 - 7 Excel  
Week 9 Visio   PowerPoint Excel Test
Week 10 Integrating Applications   Library Skills
Week 11 Accessing Library Information   Integrating Applications PowerPoint Test
Week 12 Review & Report   Final Test Final Test