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This website is designed to assist students and people in general who are interested in learning and becoming proficient in the use of SolidWorks®. As a result the material, help sheets and exercises that are on this website, is sequenced, going from introductory areas and exercises to advanced methods, features and Add-Ins contained within this Parametric Modelling System.

The material contained within this website is mainly focused at assisting Secondary school teachers who have a limited time frame for which to become adept in using SolidWorks, for the applications of completing a Product Design and Product Re-Design Module, and in being capable and confident in teaching this software and its applications in a Secondary school situation.

Module Notes:
Notes for this Module concerning both the Materials Technology (wood) and Materials Technology (metal) courses are available in the University Print Room.
Due to Cost and Printing quality, the SolidWorks® Notes only are also available in electronic form here:
  • Reference Number for Materials Technology (wood): ????
  • Reference Number for Materials Technology (metal): 4054

Module Lessons:
The Module Lessons contained on this website, are such that they guide the Student Teachers from beginners to advanced within the ten weeks computer lab tutorials. The lab tutorials are two hours long, giving a planned contact time of 20 hours.
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Powerpoint Presentation on Sustainable/ Environmental Product Design:
Considerations that can be taken into account when writing a the Design Appraisal, and when writing on the Re-Design of the chosen projects.
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Design Asssignment:
There are various criteria to be followed when choosing and planning modifications to a particular Electrical Product.

1. Select a Electrical Product that has weaknesses and areas requiring review and modifications.

2. Identify and Choose a realistic and achievable Electrical Product with which to both, model in SolidWorks, and to improve upon, in relation to its design and function.

3. Think of Safety, Aesthetics, Ergonomics, Weight, Function, Popularity, Assembly, Component Make-Up, Possible Adaptions, Customer Requirements, Disposal, Size and Bulkiness, Packaging.

4. To be updated.

Chosen Design Assignments
Below is the list of projects chosen by each of the Metal and Wood groups.
It is the intention to have different electrical projects chosen by the students in both Metal and Wood
At the very least, different brands, designs and forms must be chosen PRIOR to Modelling in SolidWorks

If a student has not chosen any Electrical Appliance before 9th April 2004, then an Electrical Appliance will be chosen for them to model in SolidWorks !!

Materials Technology (Metal) Electrical Projects Click Here
Materials Technology (Wood) Electrical Projects Click Here

Please be Patient with the updating of this Website. The material that will be placed on this website will be to outline, reinforce and 'copper fasten' the material and exercises that are to be covered in the SolidWorks Lab sessions.

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or ideas regarding Product Design, Sustainable Product Design and/ or SolidWorks.

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