Microsoft Visual Basic
Operations Integration
Module Codes:  MF4712/ IE4712
Lecturer: Dr. Peter Tiernan

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Lesson 13 - Game 2 - Roadhog.

The following game, is written completly in Visual Basic code. There are three seperate Form (*.frm) files required in this Project. Below is a picture of the First Form, main_menu.frm. Download the executable of the Game and see how it works. Then using the code and frm files below, attempt to recreate the Game, and change it around to add more Lives to the game.

The Main Menu form. (main_menu.frm)

  1. Download an Executable (*.exe) of the Game <HERE>

In order to re-create the above game, download the following empty vb files below, and attach the correct code from the Word Document at the end.

  1. Download the required empty Main menu.frm file <HERE>  download the additional *.frx file for this main menu <HERE>
  2. Download the required empty Rules.frm file <HERE> download the additional *.frx file for this rules <HERE>
  3. Download the required empty Roadhoggame.frm file <HERE> download the additional *.frx file for this maingame from <HERE>
  4. Download the Code for this Game. Be Careful copying/ inserting this code into VB. <CLICK HERE>

Below is what must be done to change and adapt the above version of the game, to make it unique.

  1. Insert each section of code to the correct location in your code windows.
  2. Run the program
  3. Create a form that contains a set of rules for the Roadhog game. The rules are presented to the user when he/she clicks on “RULES” in the main menu.
  4. Add some effects to the rules form as instructed in the lecture (Fri, Wk 11)
  5. Make appropriate modifications to the program so that when the user clicks on “QUIT” he/she is presented with the following dialog box:
    On clicking “Yes” the program quits.
  6. Run the program
  7. Edit the code to allow the players have 5 “lives” rather than 3 per game.
  8. Insert comment lines at each section of code to explain what function the code has.

When the modifications and code have being changed and made, an executable (*.exe) can be made of the Game and uploaded for review.

Name, the executable, "youridnumber roadhog game.exe" (e.g. 0338656 roadhog game.exe) and upload it. <Disabled>
The Username is "roadhog" and the password is "roadhog" on the Upload website.