AutoCAD Training Notes and Material

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The notes contained on this website are for students studying AutoCAD covering the following areas:
  1. 2d AutoCAD
  2. 3d AutoCAD
  3. BS308 - Engineering Drawing Standards
There are Powerpoint presentations (as covered in lectures) and video tutorials. Please uses these resources to practice AutoCAD and to prepare for the exam.

CAD - LIT_4311

:: PowerPoint Presentations

Weekly Outline of Topics to be Covered (Updated Every Week)

Week 6 Presentation - Course Overview, AutoCAD 2d Tools

Week 8 Presentation - Orthographic Projection, BS308, Screw Threads, Sectioning etc.

Week 9 Presentation - Gears and Dimensioning

Week 10 Presentation - Tolerances & 3D AutoCAD

Week 11 3D AutoCAD (No Presentation or Theory) See Weekly outline above for specific details.

Week 12 - Volume & Weight of 3D Objects & Sample AutoCAD Exam Paper (see below)

:: Sample LIT AutoCAD Exam

:: Additional Information

Dimensioning Setup in AutoCAD Handout

Dimensioning Questions CAD Files :: Video Lesson on Dimensioning

3D AutoCAD - Video Lesson1

BS308 Drawing Standards Booklet

Orthographic Training Website, covering First & Third Angle Projection

Suggested Reading for Drawing Standards - "Materials and Processes in Manufacturing (Degarmo)" - Buy or view sample on Amazon.

CAD - UL: Miscellaneous

Lesson 1    -    Lab 1

Dimensioning Lessons >>

Sample Exam Paper >>