WordPress Maintenance

Forgotten WordPress Password

If you have forgotten your wordpress password, and the forgot your password email reminder does not work (or is set to someone elses email), then there are a few things you can do.

  • Option 1: Update the password directly in the database using mysql cli or myphpadmin
  • Option 2: Edit the “function.php” file in your active themes folder. (Not the wordpress main function.php file) and add in the following at the top, after the <?php:
    Then visit your wordpress website. The password will be reset to “yournewpassword”. Re-Edit the functions.php file. Then Login 🙂

The latter worked nicely for me on a remote host with only ftp access to files.

Backing up WordPress – ‘duplicator’ plugin

In looking after a remote wordpress install, it is nice to have a full clean working backup to restore back to. Then incase wordpress gets attacked/destroyed/host goes down, then you have a working copy.

One of the best wordpress backup plugins I have found is: “Duplicator“.

“Duplicator” will allow you to take a complete copy of a WordPress install, including all files and SQL database, change all the Site URLs, permalinks and allow you to deploy to www.newserver.com/whateverurl

You install the duplicator plugin to the remote wordpress installation. Click run (not sure if this can be automated). A single zipped backup of SQL and all files are created. An “installer.php” file is given. Put this installed and the Zip file onto a new server, at any url, and browse to the installer.php. It will ask for a new database user/pw and will setup right there a working copy of the entire wordpress site with links all updated.

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VBA – Password Protection

It is possible to set a password for a VBA project.

It is also possible to get around this.
See: http://datapigtechnologies.com/blog/index.php/hack-into-password-protected-vba-projects/  (local mirror)

  1. Use a hex editor
  2. Search for DPB and change the B to an X.
  3. Save. Re-Open.
  4. Set password to a new one in VBA
  5. Open hex editor, change DPX back to DPB.

Forward and back a few times. Should work ok.

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Delete file or folder “in use”

Task Manager -> Resource Monitor.

CPU Tab -> Associated Handles section. Enter file/folder in the search box.
This will show you what process is locking the file/folder.

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Recursively Delete in Windows in the Command Prompt

Issue the command below in a cmd.exe Command Prompt. You may have to run the Command Prompt as Administrator.

rd /s /q foldername

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Can’t login with Sharepoint Designer 2013

Recently, trying to use Sharepoint Designer 2013, it kept asking me to login. I just kept getting the message:

“call us overprotective, but we need to verify your account…”

Trying to run as a different user on the Computer didn’t work. Resetting Internet Explorer didn’t work. Removing credentials from the Control Panel didn’t work.


Uninstall the Windows Update: KB2768348
There were two “Update for Microsoft Office 2013” KB2768348 in the Programs and Features. Uninstalling these and rebooting sorted it 🙂


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