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Recursively Delete in Windows in the Command Prompt

Issue the command below in a cmd.exe Command Prompt. You may have to run the Command Prompt as Administrator. rd /s /q foldername

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Windows chkdsk Log

The Windows chkdsk log takes quite a long time to run. You’ll probably want to run it overnight. After the chkdsk runs, a summary screen appears for a while and then disappears as Windows boots up. To find out the … Continue reading

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Notes: windirstat & wireless repeater

To find the files and folders taking up the most space on your computer, google for the following and download. It does require a quick install, but when installed, works very well. windirstat ——————————– If you have an old Eircom … Continue reading

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Backup with SyncToy

Left to Right (all files are copied from the Folder on the Left, to the Folder on the Right) Synchronize: New and updated files are copied both ways. Renames and deletes in one folder is repeated on the other. Echo: New … Continue reading

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TortoiseSVN Cache Authentication

I mentioned previously over on the Linux Wiki how to remove cached SVN authentication details from your linux shell account. So after reading about how the Apache Foundation Ubuntu’s servers were compromised by hackers and how cached svn authentication details were used, … Continue reading

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