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16GB USB Drive – “disk is write protected” – Cannot Format or Wipe or Delete

The USB Pen Drive (16GB no-brand – cheap buy) got stuck on Read Only and I couldn’t format it. The error “Disk is write protected” kept appearing when trying to format the Usb drive in “Computer” on Windows 7. I tried pretty … Continue reading

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Quick Disk Benchmark for Windows (no setup required)

For a quick benchmark of a local disk, or network share on a Windows computer, there is a small application you can use. It requires no installation or setup. Just download, run the exe, and click “Start”. Wait a few … Continue reading

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Symlinks in Vista

I use symlinks all the time in Linux, and they are very useful. Anyways, I was glad to know they can now be done in Vista/7. I had a dual boot OS, and I had Outlook on both OS’s and wanted … Continue reading

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