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WordPress Maintenance

Forgotten WordPress Password If you have forgotten your wordpress password, and the forgot your password email reminder does not work (or is set to someone elses email), then there are a few things you can do. Option 1: Update the … Continue reading

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VBA – Password Protection

It is possible to set a password for a VBA project. It is also possible to get around this. See:  (local mirror) Use a hex editor Search for DPB and change the B to an X. Save. Re-Open. Set password … Continue reading

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Delete file or folder “in use”

Task Manager -> Resource Monitor. CPU Tab -> Associated Handles section. Enter file/folder in the search box. This will show you what process is locking the file/folder.

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Recursively Delete in Windows in the Command Prompt

Issue the command below in a cmd.exe Command Prompt. You may have to run the Command Prompt as Administrator. rd /s /q foldername

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Can’t login with Sharepoint Designer 2013

Recently, trying to use Sharepoint Designer 2013, it kept asking me to login. I just kept getting the message: “call us overprotective, but we need to verify your account…” Trying to run as a different user on the Computer didn’t … Continue reading

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