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sburke.eu : Stephen Burke's Resources

This section outlines some of the tools, websites and articles I put together over the years.

Linux Wiki

linux wiki website screenshot

When I started getting involved in Linux Administration I decided to wiki all the config files and setup how-to's. Over the years it has grown into quite a resource and is great if I can't remember how I configured a particular service.

Go-Kart Building Website

kartbuilding.net website screenshot

This was the first website I created to provide Free Kart Plans for everyone. It is one of the most commonly referred to website for kart plans. It has developed into a community with its own blog, mailing list and gallery.

Educational Resources

Screenshots of some Educational Resources

During my years teaching and lecturing in second and third level I developed several resources to help people. Below is a list of some I created.

SolidWorks Blog

SolidWorks Blog website screenshot

Recently I started a blog to put down information about SolidWorks CAD Software. It serves as a notebook where I put important how-to's and information. Hopefully the information here will help other people too.

SolidWorks RSS Feed

Following blogs is a great source of learning and information. I'm constantly learning new things about SolidWorks, even after many years using it. I like having a Feed Aggregator online where I can check the latest blog posts from any computer. It stores a few days worth of latest blogs only.

PHPFreaks Forum

A resource website and forum to ask various questions on PHP, HTML, Linux and the Apache Web Server. You'll probably find an answer to your question just by searching, but if not, register for free and someone will respond.

ILUG Mailing List

The Irish Linux Users Group has a very active Mailing List where you'll get a helpful answer on all questions Linux and Open Source.


Following blogs of people on ilug is a great way to keep up to date with current issues and to learn some tips and tricks from some veteraned linux users.

Skynet Computer Society Wiki

This is a wiki mainly with information about the Skynet Computer Society but has information on setups of linux services, and some user guides for MySQL etc.