Rubik’s Cube Puzzle

I had planned to write about some of my favourite puzzles. Today it was discovered that any Rubiks cube (3×3) can be solved in 20 moves or less ( Recently I learned how to solve a 3×3 rubiks cube, and it takes many more than 20 moves! It’s all about combinations and learning moves.

7.08 seconds is the world record for solving a Rubiks Cube. Below is a video showing this world record. In a following post I’ll add details of how I solve the rubiks cube, albeit a good deal slower, and it won’t be like I done when I was younger and peel off the stickers!

If you want to give the Rubiks Cube a go to bring back some memories, head over to or here, where there is a Java Applet which can let you have a go.

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3 Responses to Rubik’s Cube Puzzle

  1. Nikos M. says:

    Check out an intuitive 3D rubik cube in HTML5 and Javascript
    2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4
    Intuitive 3D Rubik Cube HTML5
    there’s also a flash version with tentative solver

  2. Stephen says:

    Very cool! There is some nice programming involved in your rubik’s cube in HTML5. It would be nice to see a solve mode and perhaps an ability to manually set the colors of each cube and face and for it to show you a solve animation. There would be a lot of work in that however.

  3. Nikos M. says:

    The flash version already has support for coloring the cube, and the html5 version is similar to add it. The thing is i used a C++ solver i found on the web and i ported the code to actionscript 3 and javascript, however it is not working properly. Perhaps i need to restart developing my own, but no time now. Also i’m planning to develop a full javascript application for visual music composition and theory learning in HTML 5.
    Check the blog at a later time (in about one month from now).

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