Installing and Updating WordPress with SVN from the Linux CLI

I’ve been using wordpress since the early 2.x releases. One thing that used to get me down was having to apply all the updates to wordpress as they were especially frequent in 2.x release. While wordpress has an automatic update option now, it only uses FTP or SFTP. I only use SCP over SSH myself for uploading and storing files to my VPS.

SVN however provides a very easy method to install and update your wordpress blog. While there are SVN applications such as tortise svn, I do a lot of SVN using the CLI.

Initial Install of WordPress

mkdir ~/public_blog
cd public_blog
svn co .

Update WordPress from SVN to the latest version

cd ~/public_blog
svn sw .


If you want to see the latest available version of wordpress, browse directly to if there is a later version available use the svn switch (sw) command above.

Further Information

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