Upgrading from WordPress 2.9 to WordPress 3.0

I’ve my WordPress installed using SVN, and it was easy to upgrade WordPress 2.x to 3. WordPress have great docs and help on everything needed.

#cd ~/public_blog
#svn switch --relocate http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/tags/2.9.2/ http://core.svn.wordpress.org/tags/2.9.2/
#svn sw http://core.svn.wordpress.org/tags/3.0/ .

The main blog didn’t show up, it just showed a blank page.
Going to http://website/blog/wp-admin required a database update.
Logged in.
It was the Themes that was broken. I went to the Themes and it said “The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme.” I had the default WordPress 2.X theme which has changed in WordPress 3.X. Going to Themes automatically fixed it. WordPress 3.0 now up and running and my first blog using it.

Thoughts about WordPress 3

  • I really like the default theme. The header image is quite nice, and there are a few other header images that come with the default. See -> Appearance -> Header.
  • Overall the Admin Interface is pretty much the same as with WordPress 2.X. This is great as it means that people won’t have to learn a new interface to manage their WordPress 3 blog or website.
  • There are some very nice features. E.g. WordPress MU, Custom Post types, Taxonomies and a new Menu/Nav Management tool.

Kudos to WordPress for a great release.

EDIT: To update from 3.0 to 3.0.1 etc do:

#svn sw http://core.svn.wordpress.org/tags/3.0.1/ .
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