Cisco EPC2425 Home Router (UPC)

I recently got UPC 30mb broadband and it works quite well. I’ll just to jot down some of the details with the Cisco EPC2425 Home Router settings in case I need them. 

Default Settings

Login URL:
Username: <blank>
Password: <blank> 

There is an “Advanced” tab which will ask for another Username & Password:
Username: admin
Password: W2402 

 Dynamic DNS (dyndns)

I also wanted to setup my Dynamic DNS settings from Login as above, go to the “Dynamic DNS” under the Setup tab. Enter your details. After clicking apply, you will get the error “Unrecognized return code”. To solve this: Simply reboot the Router, and it will set the dyndns settings. 

Ref: #1

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  2. chris says:

    Yo dudde wana check the advanced setting’s pass its not like u say it is can you reply me if u know anotherone or smth … 😕

  3. Stephen says:

    The default username and password are blank. See page 29 of the PDF Manual. You might have already changed the password already. You could reset the router if you wanted, page 13 of the above manual shows the reset option to restore all factory settings.

  4. Al says:

    Chris, careful the admin account is case sensitive, needs the capital W. And your router has to be the model listed above, UPC don’t have the same admin password on all the routers

  5. greg says:


    We just got this modem/router EPC2425 from UPC.
    I believe that the password you provided is correct but that UPC deactivated somehow the advanced tab.

    When we use the password / login you provide it give us this message :”This feature is not enabled.”

    Do you know a way activate it or a way to put a previous or more recent firmware that will allow us to access it.

    Our firmware version is : epc2425-ESIP-12-v202r12812-100729s_upc


  6. Stephen says:

    Hi Greg,

    I don’t have the EPC2425 any more. I’ve the new Thompson router which is needed for 50 or 100mb broadband. ( )

    For more information and other peoples experiences with the EPC2425, take a read on at:

  7. paul says:

    Thanks for that it works for me.

    Any idea how to enable SNMP on that device?

    I was not able to find an option to do so.

    Firmware I use is: epc2425-E10-5-v202r12812-100519cs_upc.bin

    Advanced option well all of them give me this : “This feature has not been enabled in your cable modem.”

    Any help is appreciated.


  8. Stephen says:

    Paul: Don’t know about SNMP on the EPC2425 to be honest. I also don’t have the EPC2425 to test anything on. Let us know if you do manage to get it working. I know something about SNMP v3 was mentioned on a thread you posted on at

  9. boudjel says:

    thanks Stephen ,
    i was able to logon in advanced tab as well with provided info
    but same message
    “This feature has not been enabled in your cable modem.”
    any advice please ?

  10. Stephen says:

    boydjel: There is nothing you can really do about some features/pages of the Control Panel which are not enabled. Are you looking to do anything specific with the router?

  11. boudjel says:

    hi Stephen

    i was trying to setup VLAN
    basically i want to setup 2 SSIDs one for my “Green” network and one for my guests
    i have a netgear WNAP210 that can manage multiple SSIDs with different vlans
    just need now to setup vlan on the upc router if possible…
    any thoughts ?


  12. masterat0r says:

    Hi guys. I just bought a second hand Cisco EPC2425 router as I wanted to use it on a PPPoE connection. I can’t seem to find any settings related to this type of configuration. Is there anyway I can do that ? Thank you

  13. Stephen says:

    masterat0r: The EPC2425 is a “cable modem” and does not do PPPoE. It takes a signal in over a coaxial cable. A “ADSL modem” does PPPoE and takes in a signal over copper telephone lines.
    If you’re with smart telecom,vodafon,eircom, which use adsl over telephone lines, you’re not going to get the EPC2425 to work.
    The two rj11 telephone ports on the rear of the EPC2425 are to give out a signal to two telephones (not to take in a signal). See page 13 of the Manual

  14. boudjel says:

    hi masterator

    yes there is no way you can setup the router with ppoe agreed with stephen
    all the best

  15. masterat0r says:

    The signal as you say it, does come also through the RJ45 connectors on the back. I am now using eth1 with cable from the provider, also able to access, the only thing I’m not able is to set those pppoe settings so that I can have wifi connection. Maybe I’ll succed to sell it back and buy a real wifi router. Thanks guys

  16. Seán Garvan says:


    Just got UPC 25MB installed last Tuesday. I am now on my second EPC2425 router. When setup initally I had to change the wireless channel to 6 from Auto. Had no issues using wireless. Then the router restarted/reset itself and the settings I changed went back to default. As a result of this I had to connect using an ethernet cable to reset the settings back so I could use wireless. This also happens if I power off the modem.

    Does anyone know how to stop the router restarting/reseting and to get it to save settings that I changed.


  17. Stephen says:

    Hi Sean,

    It sounds like the modem is faulty. If there were firmware updates, it might solve it. I don’t know however what firmware is available for the EPC2425.

  18. Seán Garvan says:

    Hi Stephen

    Thanks for your reply. That was my thought on the first modem, but it seems very strange that a second modem is doing the exact same thing.

    The firmware version I have is epc2425-ESIP-12-v202r12812-100729s_upc

  19. Kamran says:

    Hey Stephen.. I am using UPC’s cisco epc2425 with a bridged d-link wireless router for opendns. I have disabled wireless on the cisco router. But strangely whenever I restart the cisco router, it resets it to default UPC settings, like it enables wireless, resets password, deletes my parental control rules. Have you noticed it? How do you make this cisco router retain custom settings after restart?

  20. Stephen says:

    Kamran: I think its a current issue with some of the Cisco EPC2425 routers (where it resets itself back to the factory settings). Your best option would be to try and change the firmware. I’m not sure if you can upgrade or change the firmware yourself. If you can’t you’ll have to get in touch with UPC.

  21. JJMulder says:

    I’m using a Cisco 2425 router but my FTP connection doesn’t work.
    can anyone please help me?

  22. Stephen says:

    JJMulder: FTP should work fine with the Cisco 2425. See if you have a “Passive Mode” option in your FTP client program.

  23. JJMulder says:

    ftp client program, like grabit?

  24. Patrick Monaghan says:

    Hi Folks,

    I’m trying to help out a friend, he has this router from an old account with UPC.
    He’s moved into a new house and was given a modem from UPC which is not wireless.

    So I want to configure this router to act as the main entry point. I assume I can enter his UPC details in the advanced settings section?

    I’ll have the input fibre optic cable plugged straight into the cisco router what configurations do I need to do after that?

    Any input would be a great help,

    Thanks guys,


  25. joe bryan says:

    Hi Folks,
    The (newly installed) Cisco EPC2425 Home Router (UPC) seemed to suffer from wireless signal drop outs – for what ever reason. Tested the area with Xirrus Lots of software/channel/setting changes on the router and laptop later – but still the same intermittent problem. Interference is always a possibility from other appliances, cordless phones, neons etc.
    By substituting the aerial on the Cisco router with the old Eircom/Netoptia a gain was achieved (monitored with Xirrus) and the signal seemed more stabilised. There were three different laptops – on different windows systems: XP, Vista Home Premium and Windows 7.
    Not very scientific but take it for what it is!

    Joe Bryan

  26. Stephen says:

    If you’re trying to use a UPC router from an old house, in a new house, I don’t know if it will work. It would be interesting to see if it did. Let us know if it does.
    I think however UPC would have to register whatever UPC router you use as the main entry point (registering the mac address).
    With some problems people are having with wireless routers from UPC, you might be better using the newly supplied UPC modem and getting a standard wireless router.

    @Joe: Cheers for the info on the aerials.
    Hopefully it might help other people. For me, I wired up a coax cable and moved the wireless router so its in the sitting room, close to where all devices are.

  27. Stephen says:

    If you call up UPC Tech support, and provide the MAC and Serial number of your old UPC wireless router (from your old house), they may be able to “provision” it for use in your new house.

  28. Laly says:

    Hi. I can connect to wireless of my cisco epc2425 because is not working and I can’t change the settings. This router working only with direct cable connection. I need help to make my wireless from router to work….

  29. Stephen says:

    @Laly: It would be easiest to give UPC a call (Telephone Number: 1908) and they’ll go through everything to get you connected via wireless. There are a few steps you may have to do including removal of the wireless network from your computers preferred networks.

  30. franz says:

    Hi guys, has anybody tryed to set a VPN with an epc2425 or even just to use Hamachi reaching a good tunneling condition?

  31. groza claudiu says:

    va rog ma poate aj cineva am routerul cisco 2425 il am de 2 saptamani mi cade netu de 2ori pe zi tr sa dau reset si revine stie cineva care e cauza ???????

  32. Stephen says:

    Ar putea să fie de 1 calculator special, care cauzează modem pentru a reporni. Încercaţi deconectarea unor calculatoare şi a vedea dacă acesta reporneşte.

  33. Tonto says:

    Can I use VPn on EPC2425 model from UPC?. I want to use some US streaming sites on roku.


  34. Stephen says:

    @TIA: The VPN is very difficult to get working on the EPC2425. It would be easier just to get a VPN client for windows or whatever OS you are using. No need to do anything with the router in this case.

  35. Ger says:


    My wireless kept dropping on my Cisco EPC2425 router so I installed inSSIDer to see what channel to change to. I noticed that my SSID was on channel 6 but there was a BLANK SSID also on channel 6 more or less following each other.

    The MAC address’s are slightly different.
    Mine is 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:C0
    BLANK SSID is 02:xx:xx:xx:xx:C1

    So I changed the channel to 13 and the BLANK SSID also changed to 13. I then plugged the power from my router and bothe signals dropped.

    The router also runs my house phone.

    How do I find what the other BLANK SSID is?

  36. johnnello says:

    If your wireless is dropping, change your encryption mode to WEP. Lol

  37. Ash says:

    Hi Stephen, i Have a EPC2425 and I want to be able to set up a wirelss broadcasting signal. My internet is coming in through Ethernet so how do i config it or route it to send that signal wirelessly, thanks a mil

  38. Ed says:


    A mate has given me his old EPC2425, and I want to put it in my back shed to extend my UPC connection in the house out. Can it be done? , do I use bridging mode?

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